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Lyndon B Johnson School of Public Affairs, popularly called as LBJ is one of the popular schools of learning dedicated to training students in various careers that lead to the area of public service. As you may be aware, LBJ is affiliated to the University of Texas, Austin. Since the year 1970 when LBJ was established, numerous such courses have been conducted and hundreds of students have derived benefit from these courses. These students are very well placed and they are working in various positions in public service. LBJ has now introduced few exclusively designed courses under the caption 21st Century Project.

Project and topics covered

The course content envisaged under this project revolves around policy making in the field of technology like telecommunication, digital media, internet and other related fields. The other notable issues envisaged under this 21st century project involves topics like interactive federal budget project, community and media policy, disaster informatics as also e-government and citizen participation.

Concept envisaged in the program

Take for example the issue of interactive and federal budget. This project deals with various issues relating to public participation in monitoring the budget of public sectors so as to ensure these agencies perform within the ambit of the Federal Transparency Act of 2006. Thereby the project aims to achieve higher transparency through citizen participation. For this purpose, the course aims to invoke the concept of accountability in spending. To achieve this, the program envisages making the best use of the concept of e-government and citizen participation. The program emphasizes the fact that technological advancement should not be limited to just being a matter for discussion. The modern technology should be aimed at enhancing transparency and efficient management and administration of the various agencies of the government. Thereby the program aims at underlining the fact that any technological improvement which does not provide any benefit to the citizen would be a waste.

Grading of students

In short, the 21st Century projects are designed to address the needs of the common man. The program emphasizes on the citizen participation by making best use of modern technology so as to make the government proactive in making governance transparent and thereby bringing in more efficiency in governance. The spade work for designing of these courses has been done by some of the graduate students of the University of Texas, Austin. The course content are designed with appropriate number of lecture hours, talks by guest lecturers, readings, field trips and case study by students in the appropriate organizations. Although students are supplied with course materials, they are strongly advised to buy text books as suggested by the faculty. Students will have to make reference at the College library. Students will be graded on the basis of their performance in the examination as also on the basis of their participation in the class and in the case study they have conducted. Wherever necessary, students will be provided with additional classes depending on their overall performance. Visit the website of LBJ to know more about these courses.