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The Interactive Federal Budget Project

LB School of Public Affairs

The LBJ School of Public Affairs, the graduate school of public policy at the University of Texas at Austin, is home to a team of researchers who are investigating the feasibility of an interactive, online federal budget.

The U.S. federal government can promote civic engagement and ensure accountability by becoming a dependable source of public, usable information. Transparency projects can facilitate "consumer confidence" in government, and interoperability standards, combined with the ease of online research, can promote efficiency in government operations. The technology platform of President-elect Barack Obama strongly supports this concept.

Currently, the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) provides Presidential budget data online in PDF, XLS, CSV, and HTML formats. These formats make it difficult for users to extract, sort, mine, and tag data according to their interests. Although the "E-Budget" introduced by OMB in 2008 is an important step, we want to make the Presidential budget not only Web-accessible, but also as interactive and informative as possible.

To see and learn about more details about this project, use the slide and audio presentation at the right. (High-speed Internet connection advised.)

The LBJ School team also has a wiki, which can be viewed.

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Interactive Federal Budget Project
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