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Technology Policy Classes at the LBJ School of Public Affairs

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Public Policy and the Internet

A survey seminar on the leading public policy controversies surrounding the Internet, including federal telecommunications policy, broadband policy, state and local policy, privacy, freedom of expression and censorship online, copyright and intellectual property, the "digital divide," and the future of the Internet. This course also satisfies the Policy and Process requirement of the master's degree of public affairs. Taught by Gary Chapman in the fall and summer terms.

Digital Transformation of Organizations

An overview of how modern organizations—particularly in the public and nonprofit sectors—are being transformed by networked computers and online information and services. The course includes an introduction to relational databases and open standards of data exchange like XML. The seminar features a variety of guest speakers on topics such as e-government, nonprofit online fundraising, the role of the CIO, and social networking. The primary course assignment is a case study of an organization undergoing change because of new, online capabiltiies. Taught by Gary Chapman in the spring term.

Nuclear Energy: The Policy Dimension

An advanced seminar on the policy controversies and approaches surrounding nuclear energy. Taught by Charles Groat of the LBJ School and the Jackson School of Geosciences in the fall term of 2007.

Introduction to Geographic Information Systems

Taught fall term of 2008 by Bjorn Sletto of the Program on Community and Regional Planning.

More to come in 2008-2009